Loyalty FAQs

Does the Saba Rewards Loyalty program have a physical card?

No, the Saba To Go loyalty programme works through an app called ‘Saba Rewards’ and can be found on the App store and google play store. If you do not wish to download the app you can simply provide your mobile number when ordering. You can use your mobile number, or scan their QR Code or their 4 digit ID Code.

Is there a cost to join Saba Rewards?

No joining Saba Rewards is completely free.

Will the app take up a lot of storage on my phone?

No the app is tiny! (18.7 MB to precise) a lot less than your standard banking app and considerably less than Instagram which uses a staggering 450 MB!

What are the benefits of having the Saba Rewards app?

There are many benefits to having the Saba Rewards app, you won’t want to miss out! Members of Saba Rewards earn a stamp for every order over €15. On your 4th order you will receive a free gift and on every 4 th order after that. There will also be many other offers and deals that we we know you would hate to miss out on. You will also be able to order through the app, making it fast & hassle free.

How do I earn stamps?

To enrol in Saba Rewards and begin participating in the programme, you can download the ‘SabaRewards’ mobile app to your Android™ or iPhone® device. Follow the prompts to create a profile and register a digital Saba Rewards Account. To create a profile, you will need to provide your name, phone number and email address. Then, sign in to your account and order online at www.sabatogo.com .

Your Saba Rewards are based on the amount of orders that you make. After every four orders you will be rewarded with a free gift automatically. Once you have received your Saba Reward your digital stamp book will be cleared and you will be able to collect the stamps again. Please note that your reward will be added to your 5th order automatically and the stamp system starts again. You will also receive a ‘Welcome Email’ once you sign up and you will receive free Spring rolls on your first order.

Please note that a minimum spend of €15 is on your food bill only.. Alcoholic purchases are not included in our loyalty rewards program due to the new government regulations on the Public Health (Alcohol) Act 2021.

Is my alcohol order included in the minimum spend when ordering to receive a loyalty stamp?

Unfortunately, alcohol purchases are not included in the minimum spend due to the new government regulations on the Public Health (Alcohol) Act 2021. Click the link if you want to read more about the new regulations. https://www.oireachtas.ie/en/bills/bill/2015/120/ . Please note minimum spend is on your food bill only.

I do not have a smart device so I’m unable to download the app. Does this mean I can’t benefit from rewards and collecting stamps?

If you place an order on our online ordering system and add your mobile number to your account, you can use an online customer portal (click link to view Tossed) you can register through this and all they need to do is accept the T&Cs through an SMS that is sen

Do they need a code, is it not linked to their mobile number? Can this not be done in store? and not via email to the office? Is there a fill out the form piece required?

If you do not have a smartphone we can use an online customer portal (click link to view Tossed)) They can register through this and all they need to do is accept the T&Cs through an SMS that is sent.

I don’t have a smartphone, but I have a tablet – can I use this instead?

Unfortunately, our apps are not compatible with iPads & Tablets, however with the online customer portal members will be able to log in and view your current stamps / gifts / information about your loyalty account.

Can two people sign into the same loyalty app account at the same time?

No, if you sign into a loyalty app on a different device it will automatically log you out of the other device. It is not possible to be logged into the same account at the same time.

I’ve just made a purchase, but can’t see my new points – why?

Try refreshing the screen. Navigate to another screen and return. This should show the updated credit. Still not there – this may be a connectivity problem. Your points will be allocated when this is re-established.

How do I redeem my credit or a gift/reward I may have?

Your gift/reward will be received on your 5th order automatically. Once the 4th order is complete we will automatically update your account to inform the staff to add a free gift on your next order.

I lost my mobile phone. Have I lost all of my credit?

No. When you get a new mobile phone simply add the Saba Rewards app back on. Log in and away you go – all your credit and rewards earned will be displayed – as good as new!

Changed your mobile number?

Email rewards@sabadublin.com who can change this over for you.

How many times can I redeem a Saba Reward?

One loyalty reward gift can be redeemed per 5th order over €15.

Can I delete my account?

Please don’t – we’ll weep for days. You may opt out of the Rewards Program by deleting your account. If you click on “profile” and then just underneath you will see “privacy and terms” click on this and then click on “consent & data collection) this then gives you option to be forgotten”. Once you have opted out of the Rewards Program, you may not earn additional Points in your Rewards Program Account, and the Available Points Balance and outstanding Rewards in your Rewards Program Account will expire immediately.

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